Hope Foundation Trust (HFT) aspires to invest and utilise international and rural expertise and support networks to focus towards several on-going projects which are as follows:

  • Health and wellbeing

Arguably the most vital of all projects, the access and provision of short-term emergency aid for immediate relief in response to natural disasters/ famine/ death of breadwinner, etc for individuals and communities in dire poverty stricken need.

A lifeline for beneficiaries that reside within impoverished regions or difficult/ inhabitable climates which are inhospitable, financially unstable and often detrimental to the health of the populace unless intervention is provided. The Trust helps people attain the very basic of essential necessities for living that include:

    1. Emergency aid- foodstuff to prevent malnutrition, first aid, health check-ups, etc
    2. Access to safe water- deep water wells to provide clean safe drinkable water
    3. cataract operations to restore sight
  • Welfare and regeneration

Whilst often most humanitarian charitable organisations and NGOs place due emphasis on alleviating immediate needs of the poor and destitute often thereafter long-term sustainability of families and entire communities are overlooked.

The Trust however views matters on the ground differently; we recognise that short-term assistance though crucial requires to be supported hand in hand with lasting support towards sustainability- to this aim the Welfare and Regeneration project provides tools, resource and the teaching of skills to develop communities to become self-sufficient and independent by endeavouring to provide:

    1. Tools for the cultivation of crops and agriculture, farming and nurture of livestock
    2. Knowledge/ equipment for housing, maintenance and repair
    3. Rickshaw, clothing, bedding set, machinery, fishing nets and equipment, etc for enterprise and financial stability
  • Orphanage and school

We aim to build a school and orphanage building complex, the school will facilitate the education of over 100 school children with the orphanage housing 30 children. The objective of the Orphanage and Education project is to provide education without charge and living quarters with accommodation for the orphans.

The Trust has carried forth surveys to identify suitable grounds in Balagoyng district, Sylhet and therein purchased a large plot of land to build the orphanage with architectural plans and is currently sourcing building material, local volunteers and labour to accomplish the project and is currently in the process of collecting donations for:

    1. Building and maintenance
    2. Academic books and stationary
    3. Library and furnishing, etc.
  • Literacy and training

Through the Literacy and training project we shall seek to empower rural communities with adult learning programmes that will teach them foundation level literacy and numeracy, key life skills such as first aid training, health and safety, fire safety awareness, parenting advice, conflict resolution, trade and commerce, etc as well as transferrable skills such as learning how to fish, build shelter, cook, create insulation, sow, cultivate crop and so forth.

The Trust shall seek localised professional and community partners to educate and sustain the projects to up-skill others through volunteering and becoming trainers/ tutors- in turn once learned in a particular field the people would be encouraged to spread the new found knowledge to their families and the remaining surrounding community. Hope Foundation Trust (HFT) shall help the effort by providing:

    1. Creating structured programmes, hosting and promoting classes
    2. Rrainers and tutor expenses
    3. Books and materials


To be precise:

  • Orphanage
    Our aim is to build a school to accomodate 100 children as well as an orphanage to house around 30 children. You can help by contributing towards the cost of:

    • Building/Maintenance
    • Books & Materials
    • Teachers & Stuff
    • Library
  • Welfare & Regeneration
    Assisting communities to become self sufficient and independant by providing assistance with:

    • Housing & Repair
    • Livestock
    • Rickshaw / Machinery
    • Farming Assistance
  • Health & Wellbeing
    Help people obtain the most basic necessities we take for granted such as:

    • Emergency AID
    • Access to Safe Water
    • Cataract Operations
    • Health Checkups
  • Education & Training
    Knowledge is for life!You can contribute towards:

    • School Building
    • Tutors
    • Books & Materials
    • Adult Literacy Course

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